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About us

Hasson Enterprises Manufacturing Company, Serving valued business colleagues around the world in various fields while keeping in view the best and timely services at supreme priority. Successful certifications of ISO 9001, CE Mark and cGMp reflect Hasson Enterprises skills and continuous commitment to the excellence. Hasson Enterprises is committed for creations, manufacturing and supplies of prime quality products in the fields of Surgical, Cardiovascular, Dental, Beauty Care & TC Instruments. Beside that our company is striving to keep a continuous grip over the quality and service standards and have been taking every possible measures in this regards. Marketing strategy of our company is aggressive, and marketing department utilize and adopt every possible way to introduce products to relevant foreign companies. In order to support these marketing departments in a positive manner, Our president plan their visit to various customers two times in a year; and gives a very successful outcome of marketing department''s efforts. Since we believe in the best, therefore striving every moment to improve every aspect in order to get the most out of it for you.


To achieve the heights and peaks of everlasting success. we are providing our valued customers the quality products. Timely service and related technical service thru product development, innovation and acquisition of technology. The contentment of our customers as well as our our employees is a major part of our mission.


  • Professionalism, Ethics and Integrity
  • Customers'' Satisfaction, Recognition of Ability and Creativity
  • Development of Individual and respect of Human Dignity
  • Commitment / Dedication and Team Work
  • Believe on Management by Objective
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